My name is Spencer Hsu, and I'm committed to helping real estate agents outshine the competition!
Having grown my business from solo agent to double-digit team  in under three years, and having closed over $1.7M GCI last year, I'm uniquely placed to assist you as you aim to grow your business to legacy status. Having spent ten years in the tech industry, I'm familiar with the challenges of changing professions: I'm here to not only help you succeed, but to lead you to multi-generational comfort with your finances. This is my passion!
There is a better way to do things in this business than other real estate referral gurus would have you believe! This is a game of setting up the right systems to allow your business to work for you - not of sweating more than your competitors.
I did it in three years. I'll help you get there faster.

When you partner with me at eXp Realty, you get me. Not some part-time real estate coach who's never sold a thing in their lives or who has sold less than you.

We leave no stone unturned in preparing you for the push-and-shove world that is the real estate business. Social media, lead generation, lead follow-up, lead conversion, listing presentations, and the rest. I've done it all and want nothing more than to put you in the right position to succeed.
Whether you're seeking your first deal or want to scale your business, I'm here for you.
See below for everything you get when you partner with me at eXp Realty!

What You'll Get...

✔️One-On-One Coaching: Quarterly private Zoom meetings, plus a direct line to me.

✔️​Weekly Group Coaching: Access to a private mastermind call.

✔️Agent Attraction Website: You'll receive your own eXp & Agent landing page to share with agents you know so they can become part of your downline.

✔️Spencer Hsu Academy: FREE access to all my current AND future paid courses.

✔️Private Referral Network: Share referrals and learn valuable tips from other agents.

​✔️Modern Listing Presentation and Marketing Plan: Canva templates to many resources, including listing presentations and seller CMAs.

​✔️Private Mastermind Events: Join us at our exclusive training events across the nation.


The Onboarding Process

✔️Learn the systems and tools you need in order to succeed from Day One!

✔️​Weekly Accountability Homework and Resources

✔️Test Yourself with Quizzes

✔️Coaching Videos Made for Your Streamlined Success

✔️Step-by-Step Instructions on What to Do, When to Do It, and How to Maximize Your Earnings in the Long-Run


Want to Learn More?

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