Investing to Beat Inflation

Investing to Beat Inflation

  • Spencer Hsu
  • 11/15/22

Investing to Beat Inflation

😅Rough times, am I right? It seems like everywhere you look, markets are struggling.

But I’ve got a little secret🤫 to share with you – real estate is hanging in there.

In fact, it’s doing better than most other investments out there right now. One of the best plays in the real estate market right now is to buy cash-flowing rentals🏘

📈With inflation on the rise, rents are going up while mortgage rates remain fixed. That means that your rental income is going up while your debt remains the same, and you’re still building equity in your property!

So if you’re looking for a safer investment in these tumultuous times, look no further than cash-flowing rentals. DM📥 me if you want to talk more about investing in real estate right now!

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