Investing in San Leandro, CA

Investing in San Leandro, CA

  • Spencer Hsu
  • 10/4/22

Here’s a story of investment done right. This client bought a duplex from me a few years ago in Sacramento, while he was still renting in the Bay Area.

This time around he bought a quadplex in San Leandro. It’s a great community. The houses just down the street are nice, single-family homes and his future renters will love the neighborhood.

Congratulations to my client. This quadplex is a wonderful addition to his portfolio. It’s amazing for someone to buy a place, have others (renters) pay the mortgage on it, and have more than enough cashflow through this to pay his own rent as well.

This is the first of many homes this client will buy over the next decade. A great start, and I can’t wait to help him look for the next one.


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