Get the Highest Offers by Making These Improvements When Selling Your Home

Get the Highest Offers by Making These Improvements When Selling Your Home

  • Spencer Hsu
  • 08/30/22

As your Sunnyvale real estate experts, we do everything in our power to ensure that you receive the best offers when selling your home. Whether it is a charming bungalow or a sprawling mansion, we utilize our expertise to position our clients at an advantage.

When getting ready to sell your home, evaluating the need for repairs and improvements is essential. Selling a property without putting any prep work into it will often lead to receiving lower offers than expected. If you are planning to list your home in the near future, here is a critical list of improvements to consider.

Only make upgrades that add value

It is a common misconception to think that all home upgrades add value. This is simply not true. Due to depreciation and other factors, certain “improvements” almost never result in a strong return on investment (ROI). This is why it is absolutely necessary to do your research in advance.

What home improvements yield the lowest ROI? You can count on losing money when making major kitchen remodels, metal roof replacements, master bedroom additions, and bathroom additions. Since this is not an exhaustive list, it is crucial to read up on any project you intend to work on before beginning. Some of the home improvements with the highest ROIs include attic-to-bedroom conversions, entry door replacements, new windows, and porch additions. This, too, is not a complete list, so be sure to thoroughly research any project you want to undertake.

DIY or professional services?

Another major consideration to make before you start ripping up walls, flooring, and fixtures is whether to hire professional help or go the DIY route. After deciding what improvements make sense for your budget and moving timeline, take an honest assessment of your skills and resources. Starting a project with the best of intentions — but with almost no expertise — can cost you far more than the price of hiring a professional.
As you make your decision, contact local contractors for quotes. Be sure to ask important questions, such as if the company is licensed and insured. You should also take time to read customer reviews to get a good feel of what it is like to work with each business.

Opt for minor remodels

Nearly 100 percent of the time, minor remodels pay off far more than major remodels. No matter what room you’d like to re-do, keep the scope of the project somewhat limited. Major remodels involve an exorbitant amount of time, money, and effort, which often isn’t wise to expend right before listing your house.
Minor changes go a surprisingly long way. Rather than replacing all cabinets, countertops, fixtures, flooring, and appliances, evaluate what small improvements will have the biggest impact. Something as seemingly insignificant as changing drawer knobs, shower heads, or paint colors can revitalize the look and feel of any room.

Revamp your landscaping

Among all of the home improvement projects you can undertake, revamping your landscaping is always one with a high ROI. Curb appeal has long been one of the most critical factors in selling a home quickly and for maximum value. That’s why almost any upgrade that relates to your garden, lawn, edging, and flower beds is worthwhile.
One benefit of making landscaping improvements is cost-effectiveness. You are in complete control of how much or how little you do to your home’s exterior. You can plant a few rows of flowers for under $20, and you can have your beds mulched and pavers professionally installed for several hundred dollars. A wide array of budgets can refresh any outdoor space.

Create a home office

Since 2020, a record number of people have begun working from home on a permanent basis. While some individuals have gone back to the office (at least for part of the week), many have not. In the past, home offices functioned as a luxury. Now, they are imperative in being able to have a quiet space for video conferences and getting work done in a timely manner.
If your property does not yet have a home office, consider adding one before selling. This bonus room is a valued space among working professionals across industries. Instead of literally building a new room, you can often convert a spare bedroom into a home office for far less. Minor changes can rapidly shift the look and feel of a room so that it fits the needs of all work-from-home professionals.

Repaint your home’s exterior

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in enhancing the appearance of any room in your home. This also goes for the exterior of your property. If you’ve not had your home’s exterior painted in several years (including doors, shutters, and window frames), hire professionals to take care of this task. Those who live in sunny climates should definitely add exterior painting to their pre-selling to-do list, as paint can become sunwashed within a matter of a few years.

Install a patio or deck

Searching for another worthwhile home improvement project that will add to the cost and appeal of your property? Installing a deck or patio is a sure thing in any climate. Make it easier for future residents to enjoy backyard BBQs, sunbathing, and time spent outdoors with friends and family.
Because of safety concerns, this is one job that you’ll want to leave to the professionals (unless you have professional experience in this area). Hiring contractors will also allow you to focus on the logistics of packing and listing your home.

Finish your basement

Finishing your basement is another smart way to attract attention (and extra cash) from prospective buyers. Make this space an area that is suitable for leisure, gaming, and entertainment. In doing so, consider adding additional electrical outlets and internet connections (for Wi-Fi routers). Don’t restrict your imagination. Brainstorm various uses for your basement so that you can create the ultimate space for fun times.

Upgrade various fixtures

Finally, one of the easiest home improvements that you can make is to replace outdated fixtures. This can include everything from faucets to lighting to doorknobs. Go through each room in your house to determine which items are most in need of attention. From there, look online and in-store to find upgraded fixtures that best match the feel of your interior design.
Want even more strategies for getting the highest offers from buyers? Contact Spencer Hsu and his highly experienced real estate team today for more info.

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