Finding Home in Sunnyvale

Finding Home in Sunnyvale

  • Spencer Hsu
  • 09/13/22

Here’s the story of my clients who recently purchased a home in Sunnyvale, CA.


We initially connected online. My clients were going through life changes and wanted to move to the Bay Area from El Dorado Hills. 


We examined all their different options, including buying a new home first, selling their current home first, or using Homelight trade-in. Ultimately, we went with sell first so they’d have more financial flexibility. 


We sold their home for a record amount in the area. We also got the clients a free rent-back, affording them additional financial freedom and the flexibility to stay in their previous home rent-free while looking for their next home


While in contract for previous home, we got in contract for a new home subject to a for sale contingency, which has been unheard of over the last few years. Our services ensured our clients security in selling first, seamlessness in getting into contract while in contract on their old home, and comfort in being able to stay in their old home before moving into the new home.


These clients were dedicated: Every weekend they would drive from El Dorado Hills to the Bay Area – 2.5 hours – to look at houses. Lots of credit to them: they knew what they wanted and made it happen. What's stopping you?


If you want to emulate their success, contact me at 408-547-4590 and we’ll go over all the ways you can accomplish your goals.


Congratulations to my clients. Welcome to the Bay Area! Life is great here!

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Buying and selling a home is never easy, but with the right guidance and team behind you, we will take on the journey together so you can enjoy the process.

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