Finding Home in Martinez, CA

Finding Home in Martinez, CA

  • Spencer Hsu
  • 09/2/22

Here’s the wonderful story of a home my clients recently purchased in Martinez.


I was introduced to my clients through another client – they were family, and had heard about the success I’d helped bring to their relatives and how smooth the process was.


Due to increasing interest rates and the market downturn, the clients were unsure that the timing was right. It was smart of them to be skeptical, as market conditions have changed so rapidly.


We sat down and crunched numbers. I advised them that they could safely buy now, with the best bet being to buy a bit below their means.


This was a case where the clients were transitioning from renting to buying. In such cases, I almost universally recommend, as long as you have the financial means, to stop paying rent and start paying yourself. Houses increase in equity over time, putting money into homeowners’ pockets in both the short and long term.


We looked all over the Bay Area together for their next home. They, like many other Bay Area families, worked remotely, allowing them to search in cities and towns farther away from the more cramped living and higher prices in the larger cities.


My clients wanted a sizable house for their money. Sticking to my advice, they targeted $1.2 million single-family homes, which was below what they could have afforded. 


We focused on the Contra Costa area. Within a few weeks, we had ID’d a great home that met their criteria. Despite some competition, we were able to get the home, and at a deal: Recently, a neighboring home sold for $100K MORE!


Now, my clients have officially closed. With a little patience and some valuable market analysis from Your Tech Realtor, my clients are now settling into THEIR fantastic home. Goodbye rent, hello equity.

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