Finding Home in Lathrop

Finding Home in Lathrop

  • Spencer Hsu
  • 10/18/22

Here’s the amazing story of how my clients found home in Lathrop, CA. 

This couple met with me after finding me on YouTube: They appreciated the advice and education I provided through the platform.


We connected well, and soon started browsing homes. They initially looked closer to the heart of the Bay Area at a higher price point, and got into contract on a house quickly.


Upon further consideration, however, they realized they weren’t comfortable with the monthly payment they’d need to make due to higher interest rates. So we got out of the deal and started looking at houses farther out. Importantly, we left enough wiggle room and acted early enough that my clients didn’t lose any money by pulling out of the first deal.


We soon found a property in an area where one of the clients had already lived, Lathrop, and they fell in love with the house.


Something I’ve noticed through all my work: while it’s nice to be in the center of everything, these cities and neighborhoods at the outskirts of the Bay are beautiful and quieter, and the homes are cheaper and built on larger plots of land.


We got into contract and closed, and everything was smooth. 


After closing, my clients sent me a thank you note saying that this is the first home that either of their families has ever owned. That is the power of education, the power of understanding options and capitalizing on your chances.


While I get to help so many clients every week, this story illustrates why I love what I do. 


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