Credit Score Hacks

Credit Score Hacks

  • Spencer Hsu
  • 02/2/23


Want to give your credit score a quick boost? πŸš€ I've got a secret weapon that can help!

Recently, I helped a client skyrocket their score by a whopping 54 points in just 48 hours. 🀯 Imagine the savings on interest and payments when it comes time to buy that dream home. 🏠

The trick? Getting rid of derogatory items on your credit report. πŸ—‘οΈ Whether it's a recent collection or a late payment, getting rid of it can make a big difference. But don't just pay it and hope for the best, make sure to ask for it to be deleted. πŸ’¬

Gather all your documentation, write a persuasive goodwill letter and ask the collection agency to delete the item. If that doesn't work, dispute it with the credit bureau. Persistence is key.

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